It is a modified version of Instagram. It offers many incredible features not available in the original version of Instagram.

Version: 10.70 Size: 74MB

Nowadays, every person is using Instagram. This application is not only a source of communication, but it also provides entertainment. People remain connected to the outside world through this application. Moreover, they can see the material of their interest and gain knowledge. But as we know, it is human nature that, with time, they need to change. They want things to get more advanced. Insta Pro 2 is a modification of the original version of Instagram. People can modify their original Instagram version by using the different contexts of this application.

What is Insta Pro 2 APK

Atnfas Hoak generated Insta Pro APK. It is a modified version of Instagram. It offers many incredible features not available in the original version of Instagram. This application has many fascinating and interesting features that are very helpful to its users. The people who want to change their Instagram account, InstaPro2 APK is the best recommendation for them. Because it offers many enjoyable which are not offered by any other modification of Instagram. Moreover, it is very secure to use because its downloading does not harm your phone. Due to this feature, it is preferable. Other than this, people can also download photos, videos, IGTV videos, and profile pictures of other users while using this modified application because the original version of Instagram provides these features. Using this modified application, users can also download pictures with high resolution.

How to download Insta Pro 2 APK

As we know the Insta Pro 2 APK is a third-party application, so users can not download it from the Play Store. That is why users have to download it from any third-party website. This application is very simple to install, so users should have to follow the following instructions.

  • First of all, visit the settings option of your phone and turn on the unknown source installation on your phone.
  • Then visit any third-party website with an authentic link provided on it.
  • Click on Instagram Pro Download by visiting the link.
  • Now open the file manager and click on the downloaded files option.
  • Click on the downloaded file of the Insta Pro and open it.
  • Now click on the install button to install the downloaded application on your phone.
  • Now open this application on your phone and do the settings according to your choice.
  • In the end, the only thing that is needed is to enter your username and password. Once you have entered it, you can enjoy the amazing features of this application.

Some incredible and modified features of Insta Pro 2 APK

There are many modified versions of Instagram which are available to download now from different websites. But InstaPro is the most demanded version these days because of its latest and most enjoyable versions. Some of its features are as follows:

Media downloader

Insta Pro APK has an option for media downloaders, which allows its users to download the material they see, such as photos, videos, IGTV videos, etc., into the memory of their phone.

Hidden Online Status

While using this feature, users can hide their online status from their followers as well as other Instagram users. It is the most helpful tool because it increases the privacy of the account of the Instagram user.

Advertisement Free

This modified version of Instagram has the option of an ad blocker or delete advertisements. This feature made this third-party application more secure to use.

Log in to different accounts

Through this application, users can log in to more than one account in the meantime while using a single phone.

Insta Pro 2

Setting The Date Of Any Post

This is the most incredible and reliable feature of this application. While using this, users have no use in checking their accounts daily. They have to select a post for a specific date, and on that date, the image or video they selected for the post will automatically be posted.

Different Font Sizes For The Text

This modified version of Instagram allows users to change their Instagram accounts’ font sizes. For example, if a user posts something, he can adjust the size of the caption according to his interest. But if the user switches to the official application, this feature will not be available to him.

Customization Of Account

It allows the users to customize the account using different color schemes. Users can use different coloring patterns, for example, headlines, bottoms, entire body, etc.


The InstaPro App allows its users a very amazing feature: access to any private account. For this, users do not have any need to follow that account. They can access it just by clicking on that account.

Zoom In To The Profile Picture

The official Instagram application has recently added a feature for viewing profile pictures but still does not allow users to see profile pictures on larger displays. Insta Pro APK not only allows its users to view profile pictures on larger displays but also allows them to zoom in and zoom out the picture.


Most of the users download a modified version only to get more privacy. Insta Pro 2 APK offers many privacy features, such as viewing stories without knowing the other user, hiding “typing” status for DMs, etc.


This application supports the translation engine from Google. Users can easily translate captions and comments into any language.

The Browser Within The Application

While using InstaPro APK, users can go through any link to open any other browser.

“Follows You” Tag

While using the InstaPro2 APK, users can easily see the “follows you” tag on any account following them.

App Lock

Insta Pro 2 APK allows its users to lock their Instagram application for privacy.

Unfollowing Tracker

This application makes real sense in this case, as users can easily come to know who has unfollowed them. Moreover, this application has to make a list of all the accounts that have unfollowed the user.

Anti-Ban Feature

As third-party applications are always at risk of the banned, InstaPro is an anti-ban modification.

Business Profile

If the user has a business account, then InstaPro APK allows him to create a link, and the user can decide to share his particulars (such as location, phone no. etc.) with the person clicking on the link. Moreover, if the user has more than 1 million followers, he can easily share his account link on his post and collaborate with other accounts to make his account more accessible to clients.


Features from the official Instagram

As we know InstaPro2 offers so many amazing features, but it has some features of the official version of Instagram, such as:

  • Users can check who is following them by simply going through their accounts.
  • They can use stickers in stories.
  • Users can also search and post music of their own choice on different pictures.
  • Users can also take pictures while using the application and add time to them.

Pros and Cons of InstaPro 2 APK

The following are the pros and cons of the pro app:


  • Users can use single as well as multiple “hashtags.”
  • Anyone can view comments in the user’s feed.
  • A number of likes and comments are displayed under the post.
  • Stories will be shown to the accounts that users want.
  • Users also have a choice to hide and show some posts.
  • On the basis of hashtags, users can also highlight and filter some of the posts.
  • It offers many more privacy features than the official version of Instagram.
  • This modification of Instagram offers many incredible features such as customization, Translation of comments and captions, app lock, zoom-in to profile pictures and accessibility, and many more amazing features not offered by the official application of Instagram.
  • Moreover, it gives many perks to the business profiles, such as the user can create a link and decide who can take how much information by clicking on that link.


  • The website version of Insta Pro 2 APK is not good. Because many features which are earlier introduced to Pro APK laterally become available in the website version.
  • As it is a third-party application, user data is not secure.
  • The data of the user can not be saved. So data can be deleted or corrupted while uninstalling this application.
  • The biggest disadvantage of this application is that while using the InstaPro2 APK, people think every reel or picture they see is real, and it creates a sense of depression and anxiety among users, especially teenagers.

Download Insta Pro APK for Android

NameInsta Pro 2
Size74 MB
Total Downloads10,000,000

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Problems and solutions of InstaPro2 APK

Users face many problems while installing the Insta Pro Download APK. Here are some problems and their solutions:


  • Does not work.
  • Analytics always crashes.
  • Downloads slowly.
  • Always gets hung.
  • Not responds.
  • Can not be opened.
  • causing errors.


There are many problems that originate due to the problem in the system of the user. So, these problems can be resolved by restarting the system or downloading the most advanced version of the Insta Pro APK. But still, if the user is facing any problem, he can contact the developer or website from which he downloaded the application.


Insta Pro Download the modified version of Instagram which has a lot of amazing features and offers more privacy than the original version, but if users are facing any issue with the securing of data, then they are responsible for the damage themselves.


Is Insta Pro 2 APK safe to use?

Yes, the Pro APK is safe to use. Users can use it internationally without any privacy issues and enjoy many advanced features.