Honista APK Download v8.2 Latest Version 2024

Honista is a social app for Android devices. It gives you features that are not on regular Instagram. With this Altered APK, you can download photos, videos, and stories straight from Instagram. You can see who unfollowed you and view profile pictures in full size. This app is easy to use. It has a simple interface. It offers extra privacy options. For example, you can hide your online status or view stories without anyone knowing.

RequirementAndroid 5.5 And Up
File Size79 MB
Mod InfoGhost Mode

You can also change the app’s look and settings to fit your taste. It is not on the Google Play Store. You need to download it from our trusted website. After downloading, you have to install it manually. This means changing some settings on your phone to allow apps from unknown sources. Using this Advanced Insta APK can make your Instagram experience better by giving you more control and options. But be careful when downloading apps from places outside the Play Store. Make sure the website is safe to avoid malware or viruses. Always check reviews and feedback from other users before installing any app.

Features of Honista APK

Honista APK offers many features. These all make your Instagram experience better than the official app. Here are some key features:

Advanced Privacy

This Unique Insta has strong privacy options. It allows you to lock your conversations securely to keep your messages private. You can also use ghost mode to stay anonymous and hide your online activity.

Variety of Fonts

This Amazing APK offers a wide range of font designs and styles. This lets users customize their posts and messages with different fonts. So, it makes them look better and more fun to use.

Themes & Customization

It has various themes and options to customize your profile to your liking. These themes give your Instagram profile a fresh look, making it stand out.

Honista Store

The Honista store is special because it includes emojis, stickers, and templates. These stickers and templates help users show their emotions and reactions better when they chat and interact.

Ghost Mode

Just like WhatsApp, this Enhanced Insta has a ghost mode feature. This lets you see other people’s stories and content without them knowing. It keeps your actions private and doesn’t leave any trace.

Comprehensive Post Insight

It gives you a detailed look at how your posts are doing. You can see likes, comments, and feedback from your followers. It is helpful to understand how well your content is doing.

Flexible Story Sharing

This Unique App allows you to share your Instagram stories on other social media like Twitter and Facebook. This lets you reach more people with your posts.

Download Manager

The download manager in this APK is handy for saving your favorite content. You can download posts, reels, stories, and videos from other accounts in high quality. So you always have them even when you’re offline.

No Ads

One of the best things about this special Insta is that it doesn’t show any ads. This APK gives you an uninterrupted experience. This makes it easier and more fun to watch stories and other content.

Some Other Specialities in Honista APK

Dark Mode

Many people use social media at night, often while lying in bed. Looking at screens in the dark can strain our eyes. Honista’s dark mode adjusts our device screens for low-light conditions. It makes it easier on our eyes and improves readability.

Content Filter

Parents worry about their kids coming across inappropriate content on social media platforms. This Improved Insta addresses this concern with a content filter feature. This filter blocks inappropriate content and customizes our feed according to our preferences.

Backup Settings

After we customize our profile and other data, the next step is to save it. It allows us to back up our personalized settings. This way, we can transfer our account settings from one device to another without losing any data.

Controlled Data Consumption

Data consumption is a special feature of this app.  This feature reduces the amount of data used by excluding extra videos from our feed. It also shows content in low-resolution quality.

Profile Creation

Every Instagram user knows how important it is to have an impressive profile. It’s like the first impression we give to our clients and helps us gain more followers. It creates detailed profiles where we can showcase our skills, experience, and portfolio. It allows us to prove our expertise to potential customers or collaborators in a better way.

Job Listings

It helps you find jobs that fit your skills and interests. You can set filters, and when a new job appears that matches your criteria, you get a notification.


This app also helps you connect with other professionals in your field. You can work on projects together and build a strong professional network.

Knowledge Sharing

This Super Insta lets you share useful information with a community. This helps everyone stay informed. So, they work together on the latest updates in your area of interest.

A Global Experience with Honista APK

Speak Your Language

This Improved Insta supports many languages. It’s easy to use for people who speak different languages.

Local Vibes Everywhere

The app shows content that matches your region. From news to entertainment, you get content that fits your interests.

Teamwork Around the World

It partners with companies and groups worldwide. These partnerships make the app appealing to everyone.

Celebrate Diversity

The app respects different cultures. It creates a space where all users feel included.

Your Voice Matters

It listens to its users everywhere. User feedback helps shape updates and improvements.

Stay in the Loop

It keeps you updated on global events. From news to entertainment, you stay connected with the world.

Access Anywhere, Any Device

This Unique APK works everywhere. It’s compatible with different devices and network conditions.

Connect Across Borders

The app builds a global community. It has forums and features for users to interact worldwide.

Playing by the Rules

This Super Insta follows local regulations. It ensures a legal and secure experience, respecting local laws.

Advantages of Honista APK

Easy Facebook Login

It makes logging in easy. You can use your Facebook account, which is great if you are already familiar with Facebook.

See Your Followers

With the mod version, you can see who follows you. This helps you know more about your followers compared to the regular Instagram app.

Big Profile Picture View

You can view full-size profile pictures by holding them down. This gives you a better look at the details compared to the standard Instagram app.

Private Story Viewing

You can hide your name when viewing someone’s story. Go to the privacy settings for more control over your interactions.

Autoplay Videos with Sound

You can enable videos to play automatically with sound. This lets you customize how you watch videos based on your preferences.

Many Theme Options

It offers over 1,000 themes, and you can even create your own. You can choose colors that you like, making your Instagram interface more personalized.

Use Your Preferred Video Player

You can choose which video player to use for Instagram videos. This gives you more control over how you watch video content.

Share Direct URLs

You can share the direct URL of a video or photo without linking to the Instagram page. This makes sharing more versatile.

Copy Comments and BIO

You can easily copy comments or a friend’s BIO by holding down on the text. This makes it simple to share or save interesting content.

Open Links in Browser

You can open any link in your browser from the modified Instagram app. This enhances your browsing experience.

Zoom Into Photos

Unlike the regular Instagram app, you can zoom in on photos. This provides a closer look and adds detail to your viewing experience.

Honista APK for Business and Productivity

Simplified Influencer Collaboration

For businesses working with influencers, this Improved APK makes it simple to download and share content from influencers. This makes working together easier and improves partnerships.

Robust Data Security

It keeps your business data safe. You can manage your content without worrying about losing sensitive information.

Quick Content Curation

Honista APK helps you save time with its easy download feature. You can quickly gather important content, giving you more time for other tasks.

Seamless Integration with Productivity Tools

This Unique Insta APK works well with many productivity tools. This makes it easier to work together and be more efficient. You can easily add it to your current workflows.

Real-time Analytics for Informed Decisions

This Alternative APK gives you real-time data about your content. This helps businesses see how well their content is doing. You can make better decisions and improve your future social media plans.

Honista APK is a helpful tool for businesses. It offers more than just basic Instagram features. It helps with efficiency, security, and managing content strategically.

Download & Install Honista APK


  • Visit our trustworthy website.
  • Search for the button “Download.”
  • Download the app.


  • Find the downloaded file on your device.
  • Follow the instructions to install the app.

Open and Login

  • Open the Honista app.
  • Enter your Instagram login details.
  • If you don’t have an account, create one.

Using this Modified APK

  • The app looks like Instagram.
  • Find the post or account you want to download from.

Download Images and Videos

  • Choose an image or video.
  • Look for a download icon (a downward arrow).
  • Tap the icon to download the image or video.

Manage Downloads

  • Go to “Library” or “Downloads” in the Honista app.
  • See the list of videos and images you downloaded.
  • View them offline anytime.

How to Update Your Honista APK

To enjoy new features, you need to update this Modified App. You must do this manually. Follow these steps to check for updates:

  • Open the Settings from the toolbar at the top.
  • Go to About Honista.
  • Find and select Check for Updates.
  • If there is a new update, a message will appear on the screen.

Pros & Cons of Honista App


  • You can enjoy Instagram content without the internet. Instagram itself does not offer this.
  • The app has a download manager. This makes downloading easy and fast.
  • It’s easy to download and view stories from friends and favorite accounts without logging into Instagram.


  • You have to install updates manually, even though developers update the app often.
  • Some users might harm content creators by breaking copyright rules.

My Review of Honista APK

“I recently tried this Special Insta, and I want to share my thoughts. The app’s look is modern and clean. The graphics are attractive and easy to see. The colors help me read easily and enjoy what I’m seeing. The design works well on my different devices and screen sizes. It loads my favorite things quickly. Also, notifications let me know what I’m doing and what’s happening.”

Honista APK


In conclusion, Honista APK is a powerful and versatile alternative to the official Instagram app. This app has many cool features that make Instagram better. Users can enjoy special functionalities like downloading media content and experiencing an ad-free interface. This Modified Insta helps people use Instagram in a way that suits them best. It includes special tools such as ghost mode and content filtering, which keep things private and give users more control.

These features allow users to customize their Instagram experience according to their needs and preferences. The app offers an easy installation process, secure login options, and automatic updates. This unique APK makes it simple for users to integrate the app into their daily social media routine. It is great for people who use Instagram, helping them do more with the platform and enhancing their social media experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Honista App Used For?

It is a modified version of Instagram. It offers extra features not found in the regular Instagram app. You can download photos and videos. Its design and interface ensure that users won’t face any issues when using it.

What is Ghost Mode on Honista?

Ghost Mode lets you use Honista without others knowing you are online. You can view stories and posts without leaving a trace. It’s a way to stay invisible while using the app.

How Do I Backup My Honista Settings?

It is quite simple to back up your Honista settings. First, click on the Setting Icon from the toolbar. Then choose the Backup option from the setting. Follow the steps to save your settings, which might involve saving a file to your device or cloud storage.
This version uses easy words and short sentences to make the information clear and simple for kids and laymen to understand.

Does Honista APK cause any issues with the official Instagram?

Using this Altered Insta doesn’t usually cause any problems with official Instagram. It works with Instagram and adds extra things. But you need to use it the right way and follow Instagram’s rules.

Do we have to buy in-app purchases in Honista APK?

It has some in-app purchases, but you don’t have to buy them. You can use the basic things in the app without purchasing anything. In-app purchases, you might unlock extra things or get rid of ads. But you do not have to need them to use the app.