How To Download Media from InstaPro?

Instagram has gained popularity as a social media platform with billions of users, across the globe. It serves as a hub for sharing captivating photos, videos, and stories, making it a treasure trove of content. While Instagram offers a platform to showcase moments and unleash creativity, there might be occasions when you wish to download media from the platform for different purposes. InstaPro is a third-party tool that enables you to do that. In this article, I will talk about the step-by-step process of downloading media from InstaPro.

How To Download Media from InstaPro

What is InstaPro?

InstaPro is a service that allows users to save photos, videos, and stories from Instagram, without violating the platform’s terms of service. It’s a user tool that will accessed through a web browser, making it convenient for those who want to download Instagram media. It’s completely free to use.

How to Download Media from InstaPro?

  • Find the Media You Want to Download

Start by opening Instagram. Find the content you wish to download. The content contains photos, videos, or stories. Once you’ve located it copy the post URL.

  • Visit the InstaPro Website

Open up your internet browser. Navigate to the InstaPro website. You can easily locate it by a quick online search.

  • Paste the URL

To add an Instagram post’s URL on the InstaPro website, you will find a text box where you can simply paste it. Just right-click in the box. Choose ‘Paste’ or use Ctrl + V to paste the URL.

  • Click the ‘Download’ Button

Once you have copied and pasted the URL, simply click on the ‘Download’ button, on the InstaPro website. By doing this, the download process will begin.

  • Choose Your Download Option

Choose from a variety of download options provided by InstaPro. You can opt to download photos in different resolutions or download videos in various formats. Simply select the option that suits you best.

  • Start the Download

Tap on the ‘Download’ button to initiate the downloading process. The duration of the download may vary depending on your internet speed and the file size, so it might take a few seconds to finish.

  • Save the Media

Once the download has completed, you have the option to select the desired location on your device, for saving the media. Simply choose a folder. Click on ‘Save’.

  • Enjoy Your Downloaded Media

Congratulations! You’ve managed to download media from Instagram using InstaPro. Now you can enjoy the content offline, share it with your friends, or even use it for your projects.

Important Considerations

  • Respect Copyright: Remember to respect copyright laws by acknowledging the content creator and obtaining their permission, if necessary, when downloading and using their content.
  • Privacy and Security: Be mindful of your privacy and security when utilizing services, like InstaPro. Make sure the website is trustworthy and doesn’t ask for sensitive information.
  • Terms of Service: Stay updated on Instagram’s terms of service as they may change periodically. Downloading content, from the platform without complying with these terms could result in violations. Stay informed to prevent any complications or problems.


InstaPro offers an easy and user-friendly solution, for downloading media from Instagram. Whether you wish to save photos, inspiring videos, or captivating stories, this tool allows you to do so while abiding by the rules. However, it is essential to use such tools and uphold the intellectual property rights of content creators. You can access your preferred Instagram content offline by following these instructions and taking into consideration the key factors.

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